The best things in life simply happen. Looking back, it’s usually hard to say who was the spark and who actually had the sparkling idea. That’s how great companies often come into being; it’s how true love frequently happens; and it’s how the collaboration between Giorgio and Giulio Angella came about.

The Angella brothers create beautiful things, but were not in the least interested in building some kind of monument. The resort was simply born out of a desire to create a special place for friends and family members, or for groups who book the whole complex exclusevily.

Giorgio and Giulio have poured countless hours of work and passion into the project, and their determination has brought success; allowing the international public and happy guests to become part of this vision has enriched that success.

The Ostuni Art Resort conveys the authentic Puglia lifestyle and, with the help of a rich network of sophisticated, local experts, offers unique and unforgettable culinary, scenic, cultural and human experiences.

The Owners

Giorgio and Giulio Angella

Ostuni Art Resort

Più che una vacanza. Un’indimenticabile esperienza in Puglia - Italia. Privacy, convivialità, cultura, esclusività.



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