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This Reservation contract and the confirmation email sent by the owner or the manager contain the entire agreement between the guests and the manager and constitute the entire contractual documentation. We therefore recommend that you read them carefully.

Having chosen the period of the year and agreed to the cost of the stay, the reservation will be finalized upon payment of 30% of the total cost as a deposit, and a copy of the payment must be sent to info@ostuniartresort.com . With this payment, the guest also accepts the conditions set out in the Resort regulations that can be downloaded directly from the www.ostuniartresort.com website in the "contact" section, and which is intended to be an integral part of this contract.

The remaining 70% must be paid upon or before 90 days prior to arrival. A copy of the payment must be sent by email to info@ostuniartresort.com, complete with the data of the person who made the payment (copy of a valid identification document, tax code if applicable VAT)

After having verified the payment, we will send the voucher containing the summarized information regarding the reservation and the invoice.

The facility plans are available on the website in order to plan your stay in advance at the Resort. We recommend guests communicate any needs well in advance and certainly before the day of arrival.

The owner and the manager undertake not to offer out the complex to other customers once they receive the deposit. The complex could be put back on the market only upon non-fulfilment by the guest regarding the booking procedure (failure to pay the balance etc.)

The guest is required to pay the applicable deposit ("deposit"), the tariff for the cleaning service and / or any other services and tariffs ("other tariffs") established in the confirmation sent by email, at the time of full payment or at the time of the balance (according to the payment conditions agreed). The guest is required to carefully check all the details of the quotation and the booking request form before making any payments, to read entirely the confirmation email and to immediately inform the owners or manager in the event of errors or omissions.

Upon arrival at the Resort, valid identity documents for all guests are to be submitted, which is necessary for registration as required by the current legislation in Italy, and in particular in the town of Ostuni in whose territory the complex is situated. Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes a serious violation to this Agreement as well as to the local regulations and may result in a refusal to accommodate a group of guests who refuse to deliver one or more documents. The data of our guests is treated in accordance with current privacy legislation. We recommend sending copies of the documents by email in advance of arrival in order to shorten the reception formalities.

In case of non-payment of the balance due to the owners (non-payment, incomplete payment or missed deadlines) the owners have the right to consider the reservation cancelled by the guest and will therefore apply the dispositions ratified in the cancellation policy as defined below.

Bookings made with Airbnb, or other booking websites which directly manage the payments, will also follow their policies and rules when not in conflict with this Agreement. In cases where conflict could occur the parties from now on agree that this agreement prevails to regulate disputes.

The deposit may be withheld to cover repairs and / or replacements necessary for damage caused to the property, to furniture, to facilities or equipment. Any damages will be immediately notified to the guests in those cases where it is possible to immediately inspect or when guests themselves communicate the damage. The owners will return the deposit, excluding final deductions, in accordance with the above conditions upon return of the keys. If during check-out the final damages are not evident, and the guest does not notify the owner / manager, in these cases and in relation to the severity of the damages the ownership reserves the right to take legal action.

Cancellation or modification of the reservation by the guest:

If the guest needs to cancel or change the reservation, it will be necessary to promptly inform the owner or the manager by email to info@ostuniartresort.com. The ownership will reimburse any amounts due to the guest in accordance to the cancellation policy. In the event that certain amounts due as balance payment have not been paid within the deadlines defined in the cancellation policy or the guest does not show up at the complex by the arrival date without having notifying the owners, the owners will have the right to consider the reservation as cancelled by the guest. Cancellation policy will be applicable and no refund will be due.

Cancellation Policy:

The guest is entitled to a full reimbursement of the costs incurred for booking directly with the property or with the operator up to 45 days before arrival; the guest is entitled to a refund of 50% of the total (if paid entirely) up to 20 days before arrival; there is no refund from 19 days before arrival date until the day of arrival. In all cases, due to the cancellation of the holiday by the guest the owners or the manager will not be obliged to reimburse any costs incurred with the booking websites and in general with any payment not directly made to the owner or manager. Neither bank charges incurred in the execution of payments will be payable.

Cancellation or modification of the reservation by the owners:

Normally the owners or manager do not make changes to reservations already agreed upon and accepted. However, problems may arise that make it necessary to change or, more rarely, to cancel a reservation. In that case, you will be promptly contacted and informed of the cancellation or change in the reservation. If the reservation is cancelled by the owners or manager the guest will be refunded of any sum already paid. However, the owners decline any responsibility for reimbursement regarding fees paid to third parties in relation to the holiday (including as an example, fees to the search engines, travel expenses, entertainment, activity and insurance).


The guest will be accepted at the complex between 1 pm and 8 pm the day of arrival and must leave the complex before 11am the day of departure. In case of late arrival, it is necessary to contact the reference person whose contact details are included in your booking confirmation email, in order to allow the adoption of the necessary measures for the reception, and for all arrivals after 8pm an additional fee of EURO 50,00 is requested. In case of failure to give notice, it will not be possible to access the complex. In case of no show at the complex before midnight on

the day of arrival and in the absence of prior notification of the delay, the owners reserve the right to consider the reservation as cancelled by the guest and will not be obliged to refund any amounts already paid by the guest. For more details, please refer to the cancellation policy.

Guest obligations:

The guest agrees to act in accordance with the provisions expressed in the Regulation available on the website and directly at the complex, and any other provision reasonably specified by the owners and ensure compliance with them by all persons included in the reservation. The guest agrees to maintain and leave the facility, furnishings, including items such as kitchen appliances, dishes and glasses in good condition. The guest agrees not to cause any damage to walls, doors, windows, furniture or other parts of the complex or take any action that may reasonably be considered harassing for the owners or occupants of any adjacent or nearby structures. The guest agrees to take all necessary measures to protect their personal belongings during their stay at the property. The guest agrees to ensure that all persons included in the reservation possess a tourist insurance coverage (covering cancellation, flight delay, loss or damage of luggage and other personal effects) and health insurance coverage (which covers any costs of evacuation or repatriation) or however dispensing the owners from all these responsibilities. The number of persons occupying the complex must exactly match the authorized number; it is forbidden to change the composition of the group during the stay. Pets are allowed only in the presence of a written authorization issued by the owners prior to arrival, and if at some point during the stay they should cause damage to property and \ or people the owners will have the right to demand their immediate dismissal. The refusal and denial would correspond to a serious contractual default with immediate right of withdrawal without any right to recover the expenses incurred and \ or to be sustained. In case of failure to comply with these rules, the owners reserve the right to deny the access to the facility to the guests or require the immediate abandonment. In contractual terms, situations of that nature are comparable with the cancellation procedures by the host, therefore the owners or the manager will not be required to refund the sums already paid, nor any other sums. The guest agrees to allow owners or any representatives to enter the facility at reasonable times and hours during the stay, for the purpose of cleaning, basic repairs, in cases of emergency or to verify the conformity with the reservation contract.

Guests are informed of the main safety measures in order to intervene themselves if possible promptly in cases of danger and \ or fire. Extinguishers are available for the guests in different areas of the complex to put out fires where possible. Guests will be familiar is ed of their use by the manager.

Guests are invited to switch-on the alarm every time they leave the Resort, in order to secure their things and the Resort's places.


All necessary measures have been undertaken to ensure the guests have an enjoyable and memorable holiday. Despite this, if the latter consider that there is the basis for the forwarding of a complaint, it is essential to ensure that any corrective actions should be implemented with due promptness. For this purpose, it is essential that, in the event of problems, guests contact the owners or employees located at the resort or nearby in order to facilitate a quick resolution. It is often extremely difficult (sometimes impossible) to solve problems in the absence of prompt notification. The reporting of any complaints to the owners during the stay at the complex allows problematic situations to be dealt with immediately. In particular, complaints of a transitory nature (eg related to the condition of the complex or to a fault in the structure) cannot receive attention in the absence of notification that must take place during the stay at the complex. A set of useful numbers is available for the guest in case of major technical problems. It is necessary to remember that during public holidays not all technicians perform maintenance. To avoid misunderstandings, the guest is always required to contact the owners or manager and not any intermediaries in case of complaints regarding the reservation or complex.

Limitation of Liability:

The maximum liability in the event of damages resulting from a violation of this Reservation Agreement by the owners or manager is strictly limited to the amounts received under the reservation itself. The owners and manager disclaim any liability for any damages not related to the violation of this Reservation Agreement. Damages related to a violation of the Reservation Agreement are considered damages sustained by guests and owners, or by the manager at the time of the booking confirmation. The reservation refers to the purchase of a service for tourism purposes; Therefore, the guest agrees to release the owners of any responsibility in the event of damages of commercial nature or of other nature occurred at the expense of the host. To avoid misunderstandings, the owners and manager decline any responsibility to the guests in case of: problems that arise among the guests themselves and any intermediaries regarding the reservation; errors related to payments due to payment solutions provided by third parties; and any other actions not directly followed by the owners or manager. The competent court and the law applicable to this Reservation Agreement (including any non-contractual obligations emerging under it) between guests and owners or the manager is regulated by Italian law. Both parties agree to entrust the exclusive jurisdiction in the event of litigation or other disputes to the court of Rome.


It is not allowed to transfer to third parties the reservation or other rights such as photographic and cinematographic exploitation of places without having received prior written consent issued by the owners. This reservation contract, together with the cancellation policy and the confirmation email sent by the owners, contain the entire agreement stipulated between the parties relating to the reservation and replaces any agreements, arrangements or previous compromises occurred between guests and owners, in oral or written form. No statement, commitment or expressed or implied promise, in oral or written form, which took place under negotiation between guests and owners, prior to the confirmation email will be considered binding unless explicitly expressed in this Reservation Agreement. No protection is guaranteed to guests and owners or manager regarding any false statements made by one of the parties that have affected the adherence of the other party to this reservation Agreement; the only protections reserved to the parties are those provided in case of violation of the contract, as established in the present Reservation Agreement. The owners decline any responsibility regarding the violation of this Reservation Agreement or any other liability arising from the insolvency or delay resulting from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the owners, including, as an example, floods, fires, explosions or accidents.


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