Serena Vestrucci’s work can be barely noticeable and ostensibly simple. She delves into the interstice of everyday experience only to be inspired by unexpected encounters with common objects. In her practice, the ordinary is decontextualized, or in her own words “moved to a different field of action”. Later, she manipulates these everyday elements via a diverse range of artistic processes and language impositions, yet the original identity of whatever triggers her attention – flags, crayons, fried calamari – is forever preserved, even treasured, for it to achieve a new meaning. Ultimately, Vestrucci turns things into images.

“Several times I was told that to go forward with art I would have started to lick too, as many do. So I tried, colouring directly my tongue and trying to lick in the best of my ways”

  • ART GALLERY ART GALLERY Furini Arte Contemporanea (Rome)
  • YEAR 2012