Sam Falls

The work ‘Untitled (Venice, CA, Double-sided 1 2013) is part of a series that “was made atmy house in Venice. When we first moved there I placed the jersey panels on our roof and let them fade completely over the course of almost a year. We live about one mile from the ocean and can’t see it form our house but I was able to see the Pacific and the sunset from our roof. So these works relate to this proximity to the horizon and the unique view to which they were privy to for a year. By sewing two panels together and flipping the cut-out center circle, we’re able to see this passage of time, the daily setting of the sun into the ocean abstractly measuring our movement day to day, or year to year, toward the end, in color.”

  • ART GALLERY T293 Gallery (Rome – Napoli) - Franco Noero (Torino)
  • YEAR 2013