Riccardo Previdi

Broken Display comprises frameless paintings – as if “deboned” – presented also suspended from bamboo poles, like skins hung out to dry. Pictures are born by mechanically and digitally reworking a series of photographs of broken screens of various electronic devices. Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, portable mp3 players and more. A collection originally born from the formal fascination these images exert on me. A fascination fueled by the hidden erotic potential that these have, twisted, fetishist and sadistic like that of Cronenberg in Crash; but also and above all from one of the “obsessions” of my research. From wondering in this case, if, and in case of an affirmative answer, how much and how, technological progress is able to improve the world in which we live and with it our life.

  • ART GALLERY Peep – Home Association (Milano)
  • YEAR 2010