The Ostuni Art Resort is an ode to joie de vivre and to the company of like-minded people. Giorgio and Giulio Angella have designed the entire complex as a natural, open living space: in particularly beautiful spots, they’ve created shady verandas and secluded arbors and have set up two large dining table outdoors, just in front of the kitchen and close to the barbecue and pizza oven.

Authentic, unique and unforgettable stories

The Ostuni Art Resort is thus an experience that uniquely offers exclusive privacy, joyful exchange and cultural discovery. The freedom of the guests is the supreme principle of the hospitality of Giorgio and Giulio Angella. The brothers provide options; guest choose individually, day by day.

Cheese Maker

Are you looking for a unique experience that you can enjoy directly at the Resort? Look no further than the Italian cheese making! This is a great way to learn about the process of making cheese and also appreciate the flavors that come with it. You will get to witness first-hand how Italian cheeses are made.

Pizza Party

An experience that combines great food with great stories. In the past, the lives of four families who lived here were centered around the big wood oven. It was a collective life filled with laughter, joy and good food. Today you can still experience the same feeling, and not only you will have the opportunity to enjoy some excellent pizza, but you'll also learn Ostuni Art Resort's story.

Cooking Class

The art of making the orecchiette, the typical fresh pasta of Puglia. A story of tradition and passion that never ceases to delight the palate. Enjoy the experience of making fresh handmade orecchiette to connect with our culinary tradition. This is a great way to learn more about Italian culture and cuisine.

Wine Tasting

Our professional sommelier will take you on a journey of discovery, exploring different wines and helping you to find your perfect match. Let us guide you through a one-of-a-kind tasting experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

Typical dinner

From homemade pasta dishes to fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, the typical dinner is sure to please any palate. The dishes are made with local ingredients which undoubtedly make your dining experience unforgettable! A perfect way to bring people together in an environment that celebrates the joy of food.


One of the experiences that you can enjoy is the barbeque in the garden. Enjoy delicious grilled meats, fish, and vegetables, while taking in the stunning views of your surroundings. Create lasting memories with family and friends as you relax in luxury.

Folk Events

We are in a region of Italy which is rich in culture and tradition. At the Resort, we can organize folk events that will make your holiday even more memorable. From cooking classes to wine tastings and traditional dances, you can experience all the best of Puglia's culture with us.

Private event

Ostuni Art Resort offers you the opportunity to organize private events in a peaceful setting.


If you are a dreaming of a romantic Italian wedding in the countryside of Apulia surrounded by olive groves, then this is the perfect place!

External experiences

Enjoy exploring the towns and villages near to the Resort, as well as taking part in activities such as hiking, cycling, and walking tours and ending with olive oil tastings in ancient olive grove or at an olive oil press.


Discover the beauties of the heel of Italy. With so much to see and do in these areas, it's no wonder that Puglia is becoming a favorite getaway.


Puglia has the best beaches with its breathtaking views and crystal-clear water. Near to the resort, you'll find plenty of beaches to choose from. Explore all that Puglia has to offer and make sure to take advantage of its stunning coastline!

Ostuni Art Resort

More than a holiday. An unforgettable experience in Puglia - Italy. Privacy, conviviality, culture, exclusivity.


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