This presence of contemporary art enlivens and stimulates the atmosphere of the resort: idyll meets zeitgeist.


Giorgio and Giulio love the contemporary art, and for years they have been collecting works by young, aspiring artists from Italy and abroad. They not only support the work of these artists, but also sit on various expert juries for scholarships and artistic prizes in Rome. Over time, the Ostuni Art Resort has become home to an extraordinary art collection. This presence of contemporary art enlivens and stimulates the atmosphere of the resort: idyll meets zeitgeist.

The Angella brothers create beautiful things, but were not in the least interested in building some kind of monument. The resort was simply born out of a desire to create a special place for friends and family members, or for groups who book the whole complex exclusevily.

Giorgio and Giulio have poured countless hours of work and passion into the project, and their determination has brought success; allowing the international public and happy guests to become part of this vision has enriched that success. The Ostuni Art Resort conveys the authentic Puglia lifestyle and, with the help of a rich network of sophisticated, local experts, offers unique and unforgettable culinary, scenic, cultural and human experiences.

The Works and the Artists

  • Andrea Kvas

    Andrea’s work merges an instinctive and playful approach to painting with an analysis and reconsideration of the cod...
  • Dan Rees

    Characterized by a conceptually-driven approach to art making, Dan Rees’ work spans a variety of different media and...
  • Erica Mahinay

    Erica Mahinay’s work obsesses over surface, beauty, and desire. Traces of constant remaking and reinventing become t...
  • Francesco Arena

    He is an artist who expresses himself through sculpture and installations created, in some cases, with the help of e...
  • Gabriel Hartley

    Gabriel Hartley’s work and Crimping in particular refer to the act of folding and suggests the idea of thoughts that...
  • Gabriele De Santis

    Social media, punctuation marks and brackets are a crucial part of Gabriele De Santis’ work. His work is implemented...
  • Gianni Politi

    This new work is for me a further evolution of my painting practice. Starting from the use of discarded materials in...
  • Lorenzo Pace

    The study of color and the use of a variety of canvases are the basis of Lorenzo Pace’s research. Pace is esse...
  • Mark Barrow

    Since they began to work together in 2008, Sarah Parke & Mark Barrow have shared a practice fusing textile produ...
  • Nemanja Cvijanović

    Nemanja Cvijanovic is a capable manipulator of signs. He acts, instead, on the semiotic production as a device of pr...
  • Riccardo Previdi

    Broken Display comprises frameless paintings – as if “deboned” – presented also suspended from bamboo po...
  • Sam Falls

    The work ‘Untitled (Venice, CA, Double-sided 1 2013) is part of a series that “was made atmy house in Ve...
  • Tim Ellis

    Tim Ellis’s practice is based on the juxtaposition of culturally different materials and objects and probes both the...

Ostuni Art Resort

More than a holiday. An unforgettable experience in Puglia - Italy. Privacy, conviviality, culture, exclusivity.


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